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Canadian immigration lawyer helping with spousal sponsorship inside Canada as well as spousal sponsorship outside Canada. We offer free consultations!

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Welcome to SpouseSponsorship.ca! Our team of professionals helps Canadian citizens and permanent residents sponsor a partner to Canada as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If you are interested in advice from an experienced legal team, we offer comprehensive FREE consultations to assess a person's eligibility for spousal sponsorship. You can then decide if our flat-rate service is right for you. Our Canadian immigration attorney is licensed to provide legal representation to all Canadians and their partners worldwide regarding all Canadian immigration matters.

Sponsoring a loved one to Canada is a highly complex legal process that could easily overwhelm a person without professional assistance. Canadian sponsorship applications are immensely detailed requiring a tremendous volume of paperwork, and Immigration Canada has extremely high standards. A single mistake or missing document can cause lengthy delays or even impede an approval altogether. Since our boutique immigration law firm focuses primarily on Canadian admissibility, we know the Canada spousal sponsorship application process inside and out. We pride ourselves on being able to professionally prepare an application for sponsorship to Canada that will maximize our client's chances of success in as little time as possible. We are there for our clients every step of the way, handling all Government communication on their behalf, and helping them obtain all required documentation as well as supplemental references that can strengthen their application.

We understand that most people want to spend the least amount of money possible when sponsoring their partner to Canada. Having gained a reputation as an outstanding Canadian immigration authority by working earnestly for our clients while always being forthright and reachable, we are able to provide excellent quality, fast, and affordable legal services to all Canadians and their partners. If you end up choosing to retain legal services from our lawyer, you will be pleased to know that we always offer flat-rate billing so there are no surprises and you are never billed a penny more than expected.

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