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Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

If a Canadian citizen or resident has a partner that is not Canadian, they will often want to sponsor their spouse for permanent residency (PR). Whether you are a currently living abroad with your partner and wish to move home, or are already in Canada and want your husband or wife to join you permanently, an experienced spousal sponsorship lawyer can help make your dreams a reality!

Some people hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to help them with a Spouse Visa application as they have no interest in dealing with a bunch of bureaucratic paperwork and would prefer to simply pay a professional to do it for them. Others hire a lawyer because they want to ensure their spousal sponsorship application is done correctly, since IRCC is known to have extremely high standards and a single mistake or missing document can cause lengthy delays or even result in a denial. A Canadian immigration attorney can be particularly valuable in "tricky" situations. Examples can include sponsoring a common-law partner you are not currently living with, sponsoring a spouse after one of you has declared bankruptcy and ruined your credit, or sponsoring a spouse that has a previous overstay or immigration violation.

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Simple billing: we would be happy to provide you with a flat-rate quote for our legal services, so that you never need to worry about hidden costs or expensive hourly billing. This way you would know the exact cost upfront, allowing you to make the best decision.

Experience: our spousal sponsorship lawyer has been helping people with Canadian immigration matters full-time for nearly a decade, and has assisted more than 1000 clients from across the world. We even have experience with tremendously challenging immigration files, such as helping a person sponsor their husband for PR when he has a criminal record for DUI in the United States (first we had to help him apply for Criminal Rehabilitation to overcome his inadmissibility).

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How Much Does a Canada Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer Cost?

Spousal sponsorship lawyer fees can vary depending on a variety of factors including the attorney's education and experience, as well as the complexity of a person's application. For example, a Canada immigration lawyer that graduated from a top law school and has several years of relevant experience might charge more than an immigration attorney who is just starting out. In general, the more positive reviews a lawyer or law firm has, and therefore the better their professional reputation, the less likely they are to be cheap (although obviously this is not always true).

The Canadian city the lawyer is based in can also have an impact on his or her prices. For example, a Spouse Visa lawyer in an affordable city such as Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, or Montreal may be cheaper than a spouse sponsorship lawyer in a high cost of living city such as Vancouver or Toronto (but again, this is obviously not specific to all attorneys in these cities). Since immigration to Canada is handled at a federal level, a person is not required to select a lawyer that lives near them (we have never had a problem preparing sponsorship applications for clients in other provinces). For this reason, couples originally looking for a Toronto spousal sponsorship lawyer may end up retaining a solicitor based in another city if their spousal sponsorship lawyer fees are lower.

Not all spousal sponsorship applications involve the same amount of work, so depending on a person's precise situation one couple may get quoted a higher price than another couple by the exact same lawyer. In general, the more work involved in preparing a family sponsorship application the more money a legal practitioner will charge. There are many factors that can impact the cost of hiring a Canadian Spouse Visa lawyer. How much evidence can you provide that your relationship is legitimate? Does your spouse want an Open Work Permit (inland sponsorship only)? Will you have trouble proving a sufficient income to support your husband or wife? Are there any complicating factors such as a recent divorce, arrest history, or a previous family sponsorship? Are there any reasons Immigration Canada may suspect marriage fraud? What is your spouse's citizenship (will documents need to be translated etc)? Has your partner lived in more than one country as an adult (and will thus need multiple background checks)? Will your partner be bringing any dependent children with them to Canada?

Evaluating Canada Spouse Visa Lawyers

When researching Canadian spousal sponsorship lawyers, there are many questions one could ask:

  • What is the cost of your legal services?
  • Does this price include absolutely everything (such as full representation with the Government throughout the process)?
  • Is the Spouse Visa lawyer an "authorized representative" with IRCC? (can be verified on the official Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website)
  • Are you accepting new clients right now?
  • How fast can you prepare our sponsorship application?
  • Will I be working with the senior lawyer directly (or will a junior lawyer or paralegal be my main point of contact)?
  • What is the current spousal sponsorship processing time (best guess)?
  • Has the Canada sponsorship lawyer recently helped anyone in a similar situation to us?
  • Do you foresee any problems with our application?
  • Does the Spouse Visa attorney think we are likely to get approved?

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